Seven Tips For Business Dress For Success

Consultant Highlights, Issue #004 -- Business Dress Tips For Success

In this issue...

Seven key, business dress tips are offered to help you with the core part of your business, and give you a logical structure for your business. Having a structure will help you measure your progress, and adjust your efforts as needed.

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Tip #1 - Business dress codes vary according to the culture and the situation of the business event. First, be aware that how you dress affects how people perceive you. How people perceive you affects your relationship with them. In business it's critically important to develop harmonious relationships.

Tip #2 - First impressions are made in the first five (5) seconds of meeting someone for the first time. It's very difficult to overcome the impression someone has of you in their mind from that first five (5) seconds. That first five (5) second meeting is the reference point for how someone remembers you. When someone meets you for the first time the only thing they see is your physical appearance.

Tip #3 - If you want to make a good business impression on someone for the first meeting it's better to be very conservative in your dress. Conservative here means adhering to the formal rules of business dress in a given culture. After the first meeting you can experiment some with your dress.

Tip #4 - On the Internet people want to know that you are a real person. Online viewing of photo images of business people goes two (2) ways. One you want to have at least one photo on an introduction page which shows you as the business person you are. Other photos can be of you in real life, casual dress such as you would post on Facebook or social networking websites.

Video photo images are almost always business casual type dress. You don't want to look too formal, but yet you don't want to appear that you are lounging around in your bathrobe either. However, if you are making a video of yourself addressing a formal gathering of business people you want to dress for the occasion during the video presentation.

Tip #5 - For some reason people are more concerned about the shoes people wear than any other single piece of clothing. Always make sure your shoes are in tip top shape, clean, and polished.

Tip #6 - Your shoes should match the occasion and combine well with the outfit you are wearing. Formal business dress requires formal shoes. Business casual dress should have semi-formal business shoes. And, casual dress should have casual shoes.

Tip #7 - Hair is another touchy area of your appearance. In business neatly groomed hair always wins. For men the length should be short to medium length. Ladies can tuck and style their hair for a disciplined, cultured image.

In conclusion, doing the above things will bring excellent results for your business. These are business development management tips that will help you prevent failure.