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This consultant newsletter subscription page for the Consultant Highlights e-zine (electronic-newsletter sent to you by e-mail), is where you subscribe. However, before talking about the e-zine it is beneficial for you to know about the bonus benefit of subscribing.

When Internet marketers say that there isn't a cost to subscribing to their respective online newsletter that is not quite accurate because there is a cost. There are three primary costs to subscribing to an online newsletter such as this consultant newsletter which are as follows.

  • Number one is that there is a time commitment, though minimal, to involving yourself with the newsletter. Your time is valuable. It is often said in business circles that, 'Time is money.'
  • The second cost is an opportunity cost which means you could be doing something else with your time that would also be beneficial. While you are investing time with the newsletter some other activity is not being done. Time with the newsletter is costing you time away from other activities.
  • And thirdly, you must give up some of your anonymity, i.e., your name and e-mail address, to the newsletter publisher. This means that you are on a list that will be contacted for offers, namely the newsletter.

Your time and energy are appreciated at Terris Worldwide consultancy. So, as an added appreciation for your invested time with the Consultant Highlights ezine the e-book, MAKE YOUR KNOWLEDGE SELL! (MYKS!) is being given to you free of charge for subscribing. This is a 180 page e-book that has sold for $70 to $80. It could sell for much more given the priceless information it contains.

It Answers Important Questions

MYKS! will answer important questions about,

  • Internet marketing
  • How to publish an e-book online.
  • What is the right topic for your background.
  • What is the right business for you.
  • Is marketing your knowledge something you can do.
  • It offers information every business person should know.
  • It gives you shortcuts to save time and money in your Internet marketing and business creation efforts.
  • And much, much more...

You haven't any out of pocket expenses in obtaining MYKS!. So, there is nothing to risk financially. And, since it is in e-book format it will be delivered to you instantly as a download on your computer. It can't get much easier than that.

When you provide your name and e-mail address in the subscription box below (and in the white subscription box in the left menu bar at the top under the RSS subscription box) and submit the form you will be signed up for the monthly e-zine, Consultant Highlights. You will get two messages (one immediately and one by e-mail) thanking you for your subscription.

The second thank you confirmation form, that you get by e-mail, is where you obtain the e-book, MYKS!. Just follow the on-screen instructions. It will go hassle free.

You will get the monthly online newsletter, Consultant Highlights, delivered to your e-mail inbox each month. You will also be kept up-to-date with new developments at Terris Worldwide consultancy.

For real time news about Terris Worldwide it would be beneficial to subscribe also to the RSS/Blog offered on each page in the menu bar at top left. Just follow the on-screen instructions.

Benefits of This Consultant Newsletter

Some of the benefits to subscribing to the online newsletter are the following.

  • Personal development to be a better, happier person.
  • Help you produce more income to do the things in life you want to do.
  • Improve employee relations if you have employees.
  • Improve teamwork in your business and in your family.
  • Reduce stress and have better health.
  • Improve financial management in your business and in your personal life.
  • Learn how to win friends and influence people.
  • Learn how to be more efficient (save time and money).
  • Learn how to be more effective (get things done).
  • Get tips and techniques to improve your business.
  • And much, much more.

All of the above benefits are the working goals of the newsletter. This is the to do list of the newsletter.

Hopefully, you have enough by now to make an important decision about subscribing to this consultant newsletter. To subscribe just enter your name and e-mail information in the subscription form below, and submit it.

Your name and e-mail address will not be sold or distributed to third parties.

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