Seven Tips For Business Dress For Success

Consultant Highlights, Issue #005 -- Business Ethics Tips For Success

In this issue...

Seven key, business ethics tips are offered to help you with the core part of your business, and give you a logical structure for your business. Having a structure will help you measure your progress, and adjust your efforts as needed.

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Tip #1 - Business ethics are a foundation of the business world. Ignore them at your own peril.

Tip #2 - Trust is a foundation piece of all social interactions and relationships. Without trust relationships are damaged and problematic at best.

Tip #3 - "Do unto others as you would have others do unto you." This principle assumes that one would want to be treated with honesty and fairness, etc.

Tip #4 - Top management sets the ethical culture of the business enterprise. Employees will generally only do what they think top management wants them to do.

Tip #5 - Few people start out making big ethical mistakes. Normally people do little ethical wrongs that eventually grow to big wrongs.

Tip #6 - Put your ethical code in writing and distribute it to everyone so that everyone in the organization is focused on it.

Tip #7 - Make ethical behavior a habit. It takes work to behave in ethical ways.

In conclusion, doing the above things will bring excellent results for your business. These are business development management tips that will help you prevent failure.