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Terris Worldwide, "Consultant For Business Excellence" teaches and assists business owners and entrepreneurs critical best practices to compete successfully in the global economy. Emphasis is placed on teaching as well as assisting you all the way to the your desired goals. The relationship here is a teacher-consultant/student one, as well as a consultant/client one.

Sometimes business people need someone to show them how to do things, and sometimes they need things done efficiently and effectively. Whatever the needs of you and your business we can help.

If you are a high school or college student looking to get started as an entrepreneur you will find Terris Worldwide especially helpful.

Terris prefers to work with small to medium size businesses, although the principles taught and applied can apply to any business of any size anywhere. You must have an open mind and be willing to change as needed.

If you want a master to tell you what to do and control you, then you need a master not a teacher. Terris Worldwide is a teacher-consultant that works with you to make sure you get not just passing grades, but excellent grades for your business.

Today's business leaders need new ways of doing things like never before. The Internet is driving the global economy. Few people really know how to use this communication medium effectively in business applications. Business owners must know such terms as,

Internet marketing

Search engine optimization

Web development

Change management

Branding, and more.

Teaching implies learning. Terris is a business consultant that will teach you how to learn. You might be thinking that you are an adult and you know how to learn. Maybe you do, but what is the learning process? Can you explain each step in the process? How many steps are there?... Is the learning process linear, multi-dimensional, iterative? What are the learning fundamentals? Can you improve your learning behavior?

Business organizations are made of people. So, Terris consults and coaches people. People set the culture for an organization. People make things happen. When a consultant drills down into the people within the business and works with those that make things happen, things do indeed happen.

The global economy requires

new skills,



problem solving,

and research on the part of business owners, entrepreneurs, and even employees. Employees, to be effective, must think and behave like entrepreneurs.

Your personality must be stable, but yet flexible. You have to be constantly growing. A business consultant that helps you grow can prove to be very valuable to your organization.


FISH is what you get with Terris Worldwide. That is, Full Inner Self Healing. Sometimes you need a FISH. So, Terris will feed your FISH. You already have within you what you need to succeed. That inner healer and problem solver just needs to be fed when you need a boost or a jump start when you don't know how to FISH. The ultimate goal is to teach you how to FISH to empower you to be your best. So you can be self sustaining in your personal and business life. Terris Worldwide transfers management consultant responsibility to you.

Love Makes You Build Things Up

At Terris Worldwide the order of priority is,

#1 You

#2 Teaching you business best practices (in real life situations)

#3 Building an ongoing, productive relationship with you

#4 Effective communications with you

#5 Giving you what you need to reach your goals

#6 Innovations and change when necessary.

Identifying and solving problems is what most any consultant does. At Terris Worldwide a dual principle problem solving method is used. Basically, this method uses the problem opposite which is the problem solution to arrive at the best way to solve any given problem. Add the necessary research and the problem solves itself.

There is no need to make life more complicated than it is. The problem, in most cases, is not the problem. The problem really is whether or not you can accept and implement the solution. That piece takes the most work in solving problems.

No management consultant can help you if you refuse to implement necessary change.

Now, let's go over some key definitions. That's an important part of any discussion.

Terris is a Latin term which means "earth." It is derived from the Latin root, terra which also means earth. The fundamental principles applied by Terris Worldwide to business situations are from nature, and are universal.

Worldwide of course refers to global reach in today's global economy. The Internet combined with advances in telecommunications and ease of travel have made the global economy possible.

Consultant fundamentally means to discuss. That means there is two way communication going on all the time. Both teacher and student are constantly learning.

Business means "purposeful activity; commercial or mercantile activity engaged in as a means of livelihood," per WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. Looking at this definition really does not tell us a whole lot. And, when you read the definition of the term business in business textbooks you don't really get much more. Business is fundamentally an idea, a concept.

When you file paperwork with your respective state regulatory body to form a corporation or LLC, for your business description you only need to state that your business is organized for "any legal purpose." That's it. Some examples might help.

A grocery store business sells hundreds of different items. Is that grocery store in hundreds of different businesses? No, it's a grocery store. So, "grocery store" is a concept, an idea.

A department store business may sell hundreds of different products and added services, like Walmart. Is that department store in hundreds of different businesses? No, it's a concept, an idea.

An automobile tire store business may sell tires, batteries, jumper cables, rims, hubcaps, etc. Is that auto tire store in all those product businesses? No, the concept is tire store.

An automobile supply store business may sell all of the products an auto tire store does, but is it in the auto tire store business? No, the concept is auto supply store.

In 1927 two brothers, Dick and Mac McDonald opened a hamburger stand named "The Airdrome" at the airport in Monrovia, California. Eventually, they franchised openings of 200 stands dotted over the U.S. In 1954 Ray Kroc, a milkshake-mixer salesmen discovered McDonald's when he established them as one of his clients. Ray Kroc took the idea of "fast food" and ran with it. He eventually bought the McDonald brothers out and formed McDonald's Corporation.

Mr. Kroc understood the concept of branding. Rather than change the name of the franchise he retained the McDonald name. He commented that, "How far could I go with Kroc Burgers?" A "brand" is nothing more than a concept, an idea the public has in their mind to crystallize your business offering.

In 1956 the McDonald restaurant franchise was virtually bankrupt and going out of business. That is when Mr. Harry Sonneborn, a business partner of Mr. Kroc, came up with the idea of a McDonald's subsidiary named the Franchise Realty Corporation. This entity found choice real estate locations for subsequent McDonald's restaurants, and leased them under favorable terms to McDonald's Corporation to provide a steady revenue stream.

This realty strategy is basically why McDonald's is going strong to this very day, and all over the world. This leasing idea is why Ray Kroc stated that McDonald's is not in the hamburger business, it is in the real estate business. This leasing concept provided the income and growth revenue to power the company forward. You can see the power of a business "idea."

Hopefully, this overview of Terris Worldwide, Consultant For Business Excellence, has been of benefit to you. Please view the rest of this website for valuable information and resources.

Mission Statement - To teach and assist entrepreneurs and business owners to achieve business excellence through proven, empowering principles and methods, and customer focused service.

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