Market Research That Creates Magic Moments

Market research that creates magic moments for you is research information where when you read it you get one of those sun rising moments. Here are two sun rising facts.

Virtually all effective marketing today and going forward is niche marketing.

The global economy has leveled the playing field for all marketers.

A market niche is a sub-grouping of a market for a particular product or service, that is, people with specific, common tastes and wants. Organic food customers are a market niche for thefood industry, for example.

Basically, the Internet and the information age have put purchasing power in the hands of consumers. People generally want to look for the products and services they want. Themarket research people do today and going forward is powered by the Internet.

People that have access to the Internet generally prefer to look online for what they want and need. By the time a customer gets to the store to buy, they often already know as muchabout the product or service as the salesperson.

People are creatures of knowledge.

Every business today, large and small, must do niche marketing to be effective. The days of"the only game in town" are gone forever. The town today is the global economy. Fortune 500companies, and all the rest, are being forced into niche marketing. Product and serviceofferings must be tailored to the preferences of the respective niche.

With the coming of the global economy driven by,

The Internet,

Advances in telecommunications, and

Ease of travel

an individual living in rural Iowa (U.S.) can potentially compete with a fortune 500 companyfor a market niche. With thorough market analysis that individual in rural Iowa can offerthe niche just want they want. Outsourcing the necessary marketing parts they cannot do willget that Iowa marketer into the mix.

What is marketing? Marketing, technically speaking, is everything you do in yourbusiness to get your products and/or services into the hands of customers. Even inmanufacturing operations the manufacturing process is technically marketing.

What is a market? A market is a group of people that share common characteristics, andpurchase products and/or services in a given category. You often here people talk aboutthe automobile market, or the clothing market.

Internet online marketing programs employ many of the same strategies and tactics as off-linemarketing programs. However, Internet marketing is much different than off-line marketingbecause of the way people use the Internet and behave with the Internet.

Copywriting for the Internet makes use of less formal communication patterns than does off-line marketing programs because people generally scan text rather than read, word for word,long paragraphs and blocks of text as one would in a physical book.

The Internet is primarily visual communication. The use of audio can be helpful to create amore sensory experience over the Internet.

Marketing makes or breaks a product or service.

Any entrepreneur or business owner must be a marketer first and last to be successful. You,the originator of your business, are the one with the idea and the passion for your business.It's that passion that will move your product or service.

You must necessarily be a market researcher and do ongoing market research. The compellingreason is that the average product life cycle today is approximately six months. That means someonesomewhere will replace your product or make a significant improvement to it, and make yourproduct obsolete. This is especially true with electronic products.

Market analysis and market research play a vital role in business success like never before. Your market research shouldcreate many magic moments for you over the life of your business.

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