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The reason it is hard to find an Internet marketing consultant that gets you great results is because 99 percent of internet marketers lack the know how to market on the Internet. When you look at the performance statistics for websites currently operating on the Internet you see why. They get poor performance results.

Passion and Persistence Are The Keys

Most Internet marketers think that you can put up a website and magically people all over the world will come to it and buy. Most Internet marketing consultants think the Internet works like magic. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The first key to success marketing on the Internet is passion for your business idea. What many successful Internet marketers fail to tell you is that their number one success factor is passion about what they are marketing on the Internet. That passion comes through in all their Internet marketing communications.

Get rich quick on the Internet is false.

It takes time to get sales results on the Internet. It may take at least six months before you will start to see meaningful sales results provided you do all the other necessary marketing things correctly. By that time most people will have given up thinking that it just won't work for them.

Internet marketing consultants that hype you up about how great success is marketing on the Internet also neglect to tell you that they spent 10s of thousands of dollars and years perfecting their marketing success on the Internet. They applied passion and persistence.

The most successful Internet marketing campaigns combine traditional off-line marketing with online, Internet marketing. Off-line marketing tactics like

finding a market niche,

direct mail,

list building,

public speaking,

direct marketing,


relationship building and more will help drive traffic to your website.

When you have a list of say 15 to 20,000 loyal Internet followers and/or customers, and you send out an e-mail that you have the latest and greatest product on the market good results are bound to happen. The numbers will work themselves out.

People that know, like, and trust you will be inclined to buy from you. This is an important key that every Internet marketing consultant should drive home to you. In online marketing you have a more tedious task getting the customer or prospect to know, like, and trust you. The more information you can give them online the better.

Building relationships is key to your success on the Internet.

People primarily use the Internet to find relevant information.

Search engines rank a website high in priority when there is relevant, meaningful content on a website that people want. So, if you want to rank high in search engine results for people doing searches for your business idea you must have meaningful content. The search engines rank websites based on their content.

Internet marketing consultants that try to tell that they have the tricks to get your website ranked high in search engine results are probably magicians that dazzle you with their flight of hand. Search engines know all the tricks people play.

There are some things that an Internet marketing consultant can do to tweak your website to get more traffic flowing in, but the search engines are not fooled long by tricks. Search engines are looking for great content.

Once people get to your website what they see is very key because the Internet is primarily a visual communication medium. If your website has many color contrasts and dense text the human eye is going to naturally be repulsed. It takes up to three times longer to read text on a computer screen as compared to a hard copy book.

Simple websites sell.

Once people get to your website the ease of navigation and the content will sell them. What is important about traffic to your website is how many people buy. In other words the conversion rate of visitors into buyers is what is important.

Internet marketing consultants should advise you to build a list. You can do this through online and off-line methods. Once you have a list of at least 2,000 loyal followers you can have a good chance of selling your products and services.

To be successful on the Internet with Internet marketing you have to find an online niche. Just like you do with traditional, off-line marketing you must find a niche of people that are looking for what you have to offer. Actually, you find what people are looking for online and give them what they want. Align your offerings with what people want.

Internet marketing consultants should also advise you to build uniqueness into your online marketing. People want to know why they should buy from you instead of the other guy.

Lastly, in this discussion, people want to know what is in it for them. The vast majority of website marketers rant on about themselves and how great they are, but people really care more about what they are, and what they want. People want their needs and wants met.

Focus on the benefits to the customer in your Internet, website presentation. Let people know how you can give them what they want.

In a one-on-one sales presentation you can present benefits tailored to the customer because in that sales presentation you get to know first hand what the customer wants by simply asking them. In one-to-one sales presentations people will voluntarily tell you what they want even if you neglect to ask (provided you listen to them).

On the Internet you don't have the luxury of back and forth communication. So, you have to anticipate what the customer would be thinking, asking, and seeking every step of the way in your online presentation. Give the customer what they want to know, and what they want.

A good Internet marketing consultant must cover the above vital points with you because they are the fuel that drives success on the Internet.

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