Website Development That's Pain Free
Gets Results

Website development can be a painful experience when you don't know where to look for helpgetting your website up and running. It can also be painful trying to find someone thatknows how and what to do to develop a site that works.

Generally speaking website development refers to

  • Website design and construction
  • Web programming languages such as PHP and HTML
  • E-commerce business development
  • Web content development
  • Client-side/server-side scripting, and
  • Web server configuration.

If you love computer programming you will have a ball with website development doing it fromscratch. But, what business person has time to do all that work if Web development is notyour business? A business owner has many hats to wear, and there is only so much time inthe day.

Computer programming can be a labor intensive project. Over time you may have to write thousands of lines of code to get a website going and maintain it.

Code reuse and automation are the keys to programming efficiency.,

Successful computer programmers know that saving and reusing code is an absolute must if youwant to get programming projects done efficiently. Rewriting thousands of lines of code project after project is unthinkable.

The second part of programming efficiency is to automate as much of the program developmentproject as possible. The more you can automate the less code you have to write. Automate means to use pre-designed templatesand combine processes in your Web computer development program.

So, as an entrepreneur and business owner you can already see that the three things that youmust do in your website development is,

#1 Outsource as much of the project as you can,

#2 Reuse programming code already written, and

#3 Automate as much of the project as possible.

With the growth of the Internet website development is growing by leaps and bounds. A majorpart of the world still has limited Internet access. And, with that growth Web design consultants are popping up all over the place trying to cash in.

You can find a Web design consultant, but what you need is a Web design consultant that knows how to develop your website and build you an e-commerce business that works. And,you want it at a reasonable market price.

Statistically, only about 1% of websites are performing at meaningful e-commerce levels. For the most part, only the people that can afford the highest quality Web design proscan get Web design that works. The rest of the business world is left guessing and gropingin the dark.

Before you sit down to the computer to design your site the first two things you need to doare,

#1 Find a business idea or theme that you have passion about, and that people will buy, and

#2 Find the online niche where people want what you have to offer.

These are the first two things that a Web design consultant should advise you to do. It may take months to come up with a business theme that you have passion for, and that thereis an online market for.

Finding the right online market niche for your products and services is more than half thebattle of a high performing website. And, this is a fundamental key to optimizing searchesby people looking for what you have to offer.

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way the world of economics and commerce works.If you want to be a successful entrepreneur today and into the future you have to masterthe online world of e-commerce and online communication.

Website development that works is the key. If your website just sits there what good is that? If people click to your website, but don't buy anything what good is that?

Once someone clicks onto your website the content that they read is going to win or lose thegame. If you have poor content, it is game over. Good copywriting for the Internet is alsoa must.

Copywriting for the Internet, World Wide Web is not exactly the same as it is in the off-line world. So, find a copywriter that knows what they are doing on the Web.

The point about copywriting online or off-line is that you are the best copywriter for yourcontent even if you know little about copywriting. Why? Because you are the one thatknows your business, and you are the one with the passion to drive the idea home to yourcustomers.

If you hire a copywriter first write the copy yourself, then take it to a copywriter forhire to tweak it for the finer details. You do the copywriting process this way to makesure your ideas and your passion come through in the written story.

Hopefully, this website development discussion has helped you. If nothing else, you havesome fundamentals of Web development that will get good results.

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