Business Consultant Helps You With Keys

A business consultant can best help you by giving you some basic business keys that will make your business a success. Once you have the necessary keys you can unlock the doors you want to go through.

The first key in commercial development is a working definition of "business." This is the definition you will use in your everyday business activities. And, you will use with your Terris Worldwide business consultant.

The Terris Worldwide working definition of business is the following. Business is an idea, a concept around which you organize people and resources to provide products and/or services to markets. Meeting the needs of markets is the primary goal of business. All other goals come after that. This is an important concept in commercial development.

The multi-dimensional and inter-related goals of business are,

  • Meeting the needs of and serving markets
  • Provide jobs
  • Innovation through research and development
  • Making a profit
  • Improving quality of life.

These five goals are mutually inclusive, meaning you make them all happen at the same time. You make sure that all five goals are completed before you close your business cycle of activity. With a working definition and some stated goals independent consultants are much more effective working with you, and making your business a success.

What has been mentioned so far leads to a high performance organization. A high performance organization is one that,

  • Achieves consistently high and sustainable results
  • Fosters teamwork among employees
  • Has a horizontal organizational structure
  • Views employees as assets
  • Improves quality all the time
  • Adapts quickly when change is needed, and
  • Has ongoing research and development.

For your business to perform at top levels in business industry it must be a learning organization. Generally, a learning organization is one where the entire organization has a shared vision of learning. Knowledge is acquired and shared throughout the firm. Once acquired, knowledge is stored and made available to the entire company.

Business consultants in practice are seeing product life cycles decrease over time. Today, the average product life cycle is six months. That means in six months someone somewhere in the world will make a variation, often improved in one way or another, to that product. So, constant quality improvement, and research and development are an absolute must in today's market climate.

Goals set by top management must be shared by all members of the firm. Everyone throughout the company must know and work to achieve strategic goals of the firm.

Customer focus is a high priority for any firm. You go into business to serve the needs of customers. A good business consultant will keep your "eye on the prize," that is your customers. The more customers you have the more everything good your business can become. If you have customers, then you have business.

The Pareto Principle states that 80 percent of your results will come from 20 percent of the causes. The percentages may vary from situation to situation, but the basic idea is that a majority of the results will come from a minority of the causes. For example, 80 percent of revenues will come from 20 percent of customers. So, give that 20 percent of customers special attention. Another example, 80 percent of your sales will come from 20 percent of your salespeople. As your independent consultant you are strongly advised to give that small minority of causes special attention in all of your business activities.

Team decisions are generally always superior to individual decisions. If you want to make good decisions, then make decisions in a group, collective format. One person may have final authority to select and implement a decision, but a group of people in the firm should share in the chosen decision. This is generally true even when members of the decision group have little experience with the decision subject matter. Good independent consultants share decisions on projects with you.

These are some fundamental keys to success that a good business consultant will focus your attention on. You can only go right with these keys.

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