Internet Marketing Hottest Tips

Internet marketing is no mystery if you know what's hot in e-marketing. Read on to learn some of the hottest tips that will get great results.

These Internet marketing tips are what the online marketing pros use to drive their e-marketing businesses.

Tip 1

Simple Websites Sell - It's the simple, plain text that website viewers are most influenced by. The text information on the Web page contains the vital information that your site visitors are looking for first and last.

Make your text messages short and sweet. Don't try to impress your site visitors with fancy words and phrases. Unless you are appealing to professional visitors that will be familiar with professional jargon don't use it on your site pages.

People get frustrated fast with things they don't understand or find confusing on the Internet. When that happens they click away, and go on to the next page of interest. Normally, people will visit multiple Web pages in one session. They don't waste time with irritating pages.

Tip 2

People are most interested in other people. The number one interest of people is people. When you do a search on the hottest topics trending on the Internet at any given time usually seven (7) or eight (8) of those topics will be individual people such as movie stars and entertainers.

When you appeal to the interest of people in people you are hitting the number one source of interest in Internet marketing. This is one big reason why social networking websites such as,, and are so successful, and have the largest volume of visitors.

Tip 3

People prefer to do business with people they know, like, and trust. You can help accomplish these things by making Web video and including up-to-date pictures of yourself or your company people a key part of your online marketing strategy.

In the absence of meeting you face-to-face people can get a virtual meeting with you through videos and photos. People love to watch interesting videos and view photos of people they find interesting. Search engines give top priority to Web pages with video content.

Tip 4

Your customers and contacts need to remember you. After people have a successful business transaction or contact with you online don't stop there. Send thank you messages, birthday greetings, and follow-up cards to help stay in front of those you have influence with.

Blogs and social networking are a great way to stay in touch with those you have a relationship with. Be yourself, be true, and be original when you communicate online. People need to get to know what makes you different. If people find you boring, like a typical salesperson, they will avoid you online as they do face-to-face.

Tip 5

Search Engine Marketing Keys - There are three (3) keys to getting found through the search engines. They are,

  • Keywords People do "organic searches" (normal searches through Google, Yahoo, etc.) using single words, two word combinations, and short keyword phrases of three (3) or more word combinations (called "long tail keywords"). When you include those keywords in your Web page content those pages are more likely to come up in search results when people search on those keywords to find related content.

    The rule of thumb is two percent (2%) of the content on the page should include relevant keywords. This is a rough percentage so don't get too hung up on this point.

  • Content Relevant information is what people use the Internet for the most. When you provide information that is relevant and timely people will visit your Web pages more often.
  • Links Inbound links, those are links that other Web page authors put on their respective Web pages to link to your Web pages, are votes of confidence in your Web pages and your content. Search engines will give you more favor in search results when other website publishers link to your Web pages.

    Outbound links are also important. When you provide links to other Web pages produced by other Web page publishers you let the search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) know that you are trying to provide multiple sources of relevant information for your visitors.

    Lastly on links, make sure that the pages within your website connect to each other. The search engines rate dangling, lone Web pages lower in search engine ratings.

Tip 6

Who owns your website content? It's safe to say that most people don't own a server (a big personal computer) on which to host a website. So, most website authors will purchase Web hosting services, including the purchase of domain names, etc.

Be careful when you as an Internet marketer or Internet business owner purchase website services. You want to make sure that you own all the content and domain names for your website. Some business owners marketing on the Internet get a big surprise when they find out that the Web hosting company owns their Internet domain names and content. Don't get caught in this trap.

Tip 7

Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing is selling the products and/or services of other Internet marketers on your website. You earn commissions on each sale that you generate for the product or service producer. The original producer will have a way to track sales to their respective website through a link tracking system. Normally, commissions are paid once per month either through credits to an electronic account or paper checks sent through snail-mail (regular post office mail).

Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest ways to make money on the Internet. You don't have to have a product of your own to do it. You don't even have to have a computer or website of your own. However, you will need access to the Internet which can be obtained for free at your local library.

The primary aim of affiliate marketing is to drive traffic to the seller's website through your sponsored links. Social networking websites are a typical source to do this.

Many online marketers make the majority of their online business income by having affiliates sell their products over the Internet. In this case you are the one sending the checks to your salespeople.

Tip 8

A List The first thing you need in sales is a list. Every company you will ever contract with or be employed by to sell something will require a list of potential customers after you master knowledge of the product or service. Internet marketing is no different.

If you own your own company or market the products produced by others you need a list of people to sell to. Don't be fooled by all the get-rich-quick schemes you see on the Internet. Behind virtually all of the Internet marketing success stories is list of warm buyers for the respective product or service.

You can buy lists through list services or generate your own. However you do it be certain that your most success will be generated through the customers on your list that know, like and trust you.

Tip 9

RSS Feed Add a RSS feed to your website pages. RSS means "Really Simple Syndication." When your website visitors subscribe to your RSS feeds they will get automatic notifications of new content or changes to your Web pages with the RSS feature.

With a RSS subscription (no cost) to your Web pages your website visitors don't have to search your site on a regular basis to find new or updated content. This can be very helpful when you have hundred's or over a thousand pages to your website. Your website visitors will appreciate the RSS feature.

Tip 10

Testimonials Whenever possible provide testimonials from visitors to your website or satisfied customers that have used or bought your products or services. Testimonials help potential customers see how your products or services might solve a problem they have in much the same way as the person giving the testimonial.

Testimonials lend credibility to you and your offerings. Be sure you follow all the laws regulating online testimonials.

These 10 Internet marketing tips are proven and time tested ways of doing successful online marketing. If you include any one of them you won't go wrong. The more you use the better.

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