Marketing Management
Keys To High Performance

Marketing management is perhaps the most important function within any commercial organization. It is more pivotal to the success of the organization than any other management function. As a result, many organizations have created a "Chief Marketing Officer" position within their management structure.

Sales make the world go 'round. And, sales are the management responsibility of marketing management. If there are no sales, then there are no social benefits for anyone; your company goes out of business, and society suffers.

The Right Marketing Mind

Providing greater perceived value to the customer than the customer perceives that you are getting in return (as the marketer) is the key marketing high performance concept. Profit is the number one motive in any transactional exchange.

You as the marketer must perceive greater value in providing (selling) the product to the customer than you think the customer is getting. In other words, both marketer and customer get a win-win value.

The, "I give you 10 cents worth of value, and you give me 90 cents worth of value; ha, ha, ha - I win, you lose," marketing strategy will get you nowhere today. People (buyers) are more empowered today than ever before, principally by the Internet.

Exchange is the foundation concept of marketing. It is the process of obtaining a desired product or service from someone by offering something in return. For an exchange to take place five (5) conditions must be present. They are,

  1. There are at least two (2) parties involved.
  2. Each party has something that might be of value to the other party.
  3. Each party is capable of communication and delivery.
  4. Each party is free to accept or reject the exchange offer.
  5. Each party believes it is beneficial to deal with the other party.

For the exchange to actually happen both parties must agree on terms that will produce a benefit after the exchange greater than that that existed before the exchange. Once again, both parties must perceive a win-win as a result of the exchange.

When agreement on the terms of the exchange happens between the two or more parties a transaction has taken place. A transaction is a trade of values between two or more parties.

When transactions happen, everything within your organization happens. Accountants get involved, people get paid, etc., etc. And, everything in society happens as a result.

For exchanges to take place marketing management must know their customer(s). It must know what the other party(s) expects in the exchange. And, it must deliver.

When marketing leaders within your organization operate with a win-win psychology as discussed above, and make sure that this culture forms the foundation of the whole marketing strategy your organization will perform at high levels. And, indeed it will.

Many business owners and entrepreneurs approach marketing to customers with the wrong frame of mind. Once a selfish,

self centered,

it's all about me

culture takes hold of your organization it is going to experience rough roads ahead; success will be on and off. And, you will have to be more and more deceitful as time goes on to get better sales results; until eventually your organization goes bankrupt.

People aren't stupid, or idiots. They may tolerate your win-lose marketing approach for a time, but they will pull the plug on you when they have had enough.

Marketing management doesn't have to be a "sleepless night" occupation if you have the right ideas to work with. With the right principles your efforts will get positive results.

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