Marketing Tips

Marketing tips are always helpful. You never know when a little information booster will be a difference maker. The following are some helpful ideas you may be able to use.

  1. Set goals just a little beyond your present reach and stretch. This is how you grow.
  2. Attitude is huge. Attitude determines altitude.
  3. Do your marketing with a partner. Geese fly further and faster together, and so do humans.
  4. Define your target market niche and work it to perfection.
  5. Test and then test some more - never settle for the first effort.
  6. Market in your passion area. You will excel effortlessly.
  7. People have needs, but their immediate desire is to fulfill wants if needs are not a pressing issue.
  8. Perception is reality. Make sure you project the image you want perceived.
  9. Plan and work your plan.
  10. Build relationships; people buy from those they know, like and trust.
  11. It is more costly to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing one. Keep your valued customers happy.
  12. Market wants and needs change over time. Make sure you know what you target market wants and needs, then give it to them.
  13. People don't want to be sold. They want the necessary information to make the desired choices.
  14. Don't neglect the feminine population in your consumer marketing. They make the vast majority of consumer purchases.
  15. Team decisions and brainstorming are more effective than individual ones.
  16. Know your product to perfection. Customers expect this.
  17. Keep all eyes on you during a sales presentation. If people face each other during the presentation they will make goo-goo eyes at each other and you won't sell a thing.
  18. Quality always sells. People don't mind paying extra for great quality.
  19. Be a good listener to be a good communicator.
  20. Work social media websites to support your marketing efforts no matter what you are selling. It works.
  21. Leverage information technology to get better, faster results.
  22. The vast majority of your results will come from a minority of causes. Make this reality work for you.
  23. Customer relationship management (CRM) isn't just a phrase it is a valuable marketing tool.
  24. Maintain visibility with your prospects and customers with consistency. If they don't buy now they will buy later.
  25. Never brand yourself. Your image is too fragile with the ups and downs of life.

These are all good marketing tips. You can take just two or three and really excel.

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