Network Marketing Consultant Basics

Network marketing consultant is part of what Terris Worldwide does within the business consulting scheme of things. Network marketing is the most basic, fundamental form of marketing ever known to man.

A network marketing consultant normally functions within the sphere of their respective marketing organizations. Sales managers normally perform this function.

Network marketing is nothing more than people telling people about something beneficial to have, to own, or to do. It has been, and will always be the most fundamental form of marketing.

A network marketing consultant isn't generally a professional grouping, but more of a function that business consultants perform for their clients. You won't find them listed in the phone directory, as a rule. It's more of a sub-specialty.

People want to do business with those they


like, and


This is called your "warm market." These are people that may include



business associates,

fraternity brothers/ sorority sisters,

school mates,

fellow workers, etc.

The "cold market" is the group of people that don't know, like, or trust you for one reason or another. Most notably the cold market consists of people that have never heard of or experienced


your company, or

your product/service.

The cold market is not a bad thing, it just takes more


energy, and


to build a relationship with those in this market to the point where they feel comfortable enough with you to want to do business with you. A network marketing consultant has limited ability to help you in this area. Build relationships is the real key.

Relatives can be a tricky warm market group. Your relatives may

know you,

like you, and

even love you, but they may not trust you for one or more of a multitude of reasons, often totally unrelated to you personally. When a lack of trust exists your relatives are in the cold market category. You may or may not be able to warm them up to you, the salesperson.

Relatives may not trust fellow relatives with financial information. They may be secretive about their most intimate personal affairs. The list goes on and on...

Multi-level marketing often employs network marketing because of its effectiveness and efficiency. There is nothing wrong with multi-level marketing. It is a fundamental form of marketing organization. Every marketing organization has some form of a hierarchy, or multi-level stratification.

Multi-level marketing gets a bad name because many companies have used pyramid marketing schemes which are illegal. This is where no products or services are sold or rendered to customers. You earn money as a marketer by getting commissions on those you sign up as new affiliates that pay to join the organization.

Many companies, and many salespeople have done very well ethically and legally using multi-level marketing as their marketing organization form. In fact, many if not most quality, innovative products and services are marketed using multi-level marketing and network marketing.

You will find in multi-level marketing companies that those who start and/or get in early generally do very well as marketers. Basically the primary reason is that these are people that have a passion for the business concept, and want to pass the product or service on to others. They normally do the right thing with those they lead within their respective marketing organization.

If you can get close to the original founders of the company their passion and moral commitment is contagious, and you too will most likely do well. Association is the key.

The primary, universal laws of change are,

  • Faith (not necessarily to move mountains, just in possibilities)
  • Associations (with the ethical people that do the right thing), and
  • Environment (the system).

What happens with many, if not most, people that fail in network marketing organizations is that they associate with up-line (leaders) people that function by a "setup-to-fail" system. This is where normally only two (2) or three (3) people close to the leader do well and the rest flounder or remain in mediocrity.

Why only two (2) or three (3) do well? Because the group leader functions by a master/slave psychology, and he/she can only humanly control and support this small number of people at one time. The setup-to-fail group leader doesn't tolerate any form of disloyalty (for one reason or another), and doesn't allow those under them to stray from their sphere of influence. They only allow a small number of people to get close to them because they know their human limitations and abilities in controlling multiple people at one time.

Two (2) to three (3) people are the maximum number of people that any one person has the capacity to control and support effectively at any one time in a setup-to-fail. If a person tries to have a larger supported group effective control is lost. And, when control is lost the marketing environment takes on a shape of its own.

Network Marketing Consultant Number One Key

The best way to manage is to have a supportive, nurturing system that controls and supports. The system can manage any number of people at one time if it is a good one. You will know if it is good by the results it produces.

If you find yourself associated with a setup-to-fail group leader, and you don't want to be their loyal slave, the only thing you can do to succeed is to disassociate, get away from them. Find someone that will do the right thing no matter who it is, and you will have an open chance to prosper.

A network marketing consultant that states that those that get in early into a multi-level marketing company succeed because they get in before the market is saturated are missing the mark. Every year millions of newly turned 18 year olds have never heard of


your product, or

your company,

and they are open to whatever you have to offer. They represent a fresh entry group into markets every year. Markets rarely, if ever, become saturated to the point where there is no more market left to be served or sold to.

In general, you only need six (6) or seven (7) people direct to you that are committed to marketing your product/service. The trick is to find those people. You may have to look far and wide to find them, but they are out there. Your network marketing consultant or sales manager within your organization should facilitate this process.

It is often stated by marketers, and correctly so, that six (6) or seven (7) people can network the entire world. If you know this number of people you can connect with every individual in the world if everyone tells the next person, and so on down the line. When you network, and teach others to do so you are a network marketing consultant.

Hopefully, this network marketing consultant information has helped you. E-mail me with any thoughts or suggestions you might have on this subject.

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