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Terris Worldwide, Consultant For Business Excellence


Contact: Terris Muhammad
Company: Terris Worldwide, Consultant For Business Excellence
Address: 2205 North Butrick Avenue, Suite 124, Waukegan, Illinois 60087
Phone: Please e-mail for phone appointment
Web Site:

Terris Worldwide is a new business consultant practice started in 2010, and located in the Chicago area serving the needs of small and medium size businesses and entrepreneurs. Terris Worldwide also serves the needs of large companies seeking to recreate and/or grow their businesses. Emphasis is placed on teaching entrepreneurs best practices and problem solving techniques.

Entrepreneurs that are open to new, but proven business strategies and techniques will benefit greatly from Terris Worldwide services; business consultant services are provided internationally. Today's global economy requires new and evolving business best practices that Terris Worldwide provides.

Business consultants that merely provide services for a fee are losing effectiveness in helping entrepreneurs and business owners because business people today, and going forward, need to be able to solve ever complex, multi-dimensional, and comprehensive problems related to their products and services. No consultant, however good, knows your business like you do. Business owners need to utilize their own intellectual capital, not just physical capital.

Daily articles in the Wall Street Journal and other prominent publications highlight the importance of new and emerging technologies, new business strategies and tactics, and the growing complexity of serving customers in the digital, information age. Business owners and entrepreneurs need both stability and adaptability to be successful in the global, technological economy.

In the United States roughly 80% or more of workers use computers in their daily work, but an extremely small percentage of business owners and managers know how to leverage the power of information technology and the Internet effectively. Information technology and the Internet are areas of focus at Terris Worldwide in helping entrepreneurs and business owners manage their business operations.

Terris Muhammad, the founder of Terris Worldwide, Consultant For Business Excellence has over 25 years of business experience in addition to extensive business education. A combination of academic training, practical experience, and a solid research orientation make this consultancy truly unique.

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