Web Marketing In Business Life Today

Web marketing over the past 10 to 12 years has captured a major share of business life globally. The outlook is that it will continue to grow as more and more people the world over get connected to the Internet, and learn how to use this business medium.

The following are some major advantages of the marketing over the Internet.

  1. Geographical reach is worldwide. And, the amount of information that a company can distribute is almost limitless.
  2. Information gathering with respect to markets, customers, and competitors is easier to obtain, store, and retrieve; intelligence functions are augmented.
  3. Speed of communication internally within the organization and with those outside the organization is tremendously increased.
  4. Real time communication with suppliers and customers across geographical boundaries is made possible.
  5. Customization of product and service offerings is greatly facilitated.
  6. Organizations can improve training and recruiting of valued members of the company.
  7. The Internet is relatively cheap to install and operate.
  8. Supply chain management is made possible in ways not possible prior to the Web.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of marketing over the Internet is that it offers ease of entry and business operation by persons that would otherwise be shut out. A person in a rural location with an Internet connection can operate a multi-million dollar business with a phone, fax, and Internet connection.

The Internet is extending the reach of businesses to global markets. Physical travel to trade shows and conferences overseas is minimized. Companies can communicate with global partners from the convenience of their laptop or desktop computer.

Country specific content and services can be adapted to customers and trading partners in foreign countries in a cost effective manner. Niche specific marketing internationally is convenient and cost effective.

Market research and intelligence within your home country and with respect to foreign countries is now done from a single computer with an Internet connection. Export/import functions can be done with speed, accuracy, and quality while keeping foreign travel to a minimum.

How to do Web marketing is a major new area of business training that most business schools are failing to provide. Few people in business know how to use the Internet to effectively blend with offline strategies and practices. People that can train others how to market over the Web successfully provide tremendous value to economic growth.

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